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We want children to realize their full potential.

But they are growing up in an unstable environment. Unemployment, the cost of living, wages, and overseas outsourcing are all concerning. We dream for the best for our children’s futures, but fear they may not be able to compete and keep up with the world and technological advances. We worry today’s youth will not grow up able to solve problems, have a strong work ethic, or exhibit qualities of good and noble character.

We believe in bright futures.

We Are Parents

All members of the YME board have children, so we understand the deepest fears of parents because we worry about the same things. We are passionate about education, families, and our local community.

We Are Professionals

Members of our board wear several hats. A math teacher, pastor, school principal, an environmental educator, an organizer of student community leadership and service, and an advocate for minorities in education.

Our Supporters

The Plan

Work Study Program

Our work study program will allow students to safely learn which vocations they are suited for and enjoy. We will own non-profit businesses and also partner with local businesses and organizations to offer volunteer opportunities, internships, and entry-level jobs to children. When the student becomes of age and after an allotted amount of time in the work study program, students are networked with local businesses to be placed in jobs within the local marketplace. This program gives students a chance to learn outside of the classroom and gives businesses an opportunity to hire people with more skills and training.

Innovative Revenue Generators

Coffee Shop

Everyone enjoys a unique coffee shop with great coffee. Ours will make you feel like you are stepping into a wilderness. Sounds of birds, flowers, and plants will fill the scenery as you sip your sustainably harvested espresso and tea. The plants around you will be tended for by students learning about horticulture and be for sale to raise money for the organization.

Limo Business

A local businessman donated his entire limousine business to YME. We will incorporate it in our work study program and receive the profit from those who hire our services. Customers can not only hire a limo driver, but they can also hire a student chauffeur who will be dressed in a tux, open doors, and usher them to their destination. Students will also learn to care for the limos by detailing and maintenancing them.


Our full-time daycare program will mix education with fun! We have a fully functioning carousel, an indoor playground with suspended tunnels, slides, safety nets, and of course a BALL PIT!

Youth Building

One of our buildings is a young person’s wonderland! It will be available for rent for concerts, worship nights, battles of the bands, teen birthday parties, and church groups. The building is complete with a concessions area, video games, party zone, basketball and other indoor sports, and games like pool and air-hockey.

Ignite Learning. Fuel Purpose.®


This is a simple gift everyone can give freely! The more we pray, the more powerful God’s influence can be. Join us and set an alarm to pray for 1 minute at 7am and 7pm every day for YME, our community, youth, teachers, and all of education’s decision-makers.


You can donate monthly, once, your business, or a percentage of your business’ profits. This is how we’ll build momentum and strength so we can enrich student’s learning and engage them vocationally.


Business owners, you can participate in our work-study program by allowing our students to train with, intern, and work for you. You can also become a preferred business partner by hiring skilled and trained students who have gone through our program.


Be a hands-on participant by donating your time. We have several areas in the organization that need volunteers, but we want to ensure you’re able to use your strengths and do something you and enjoy and find meaningful.



Make this go viral! Post about us, tell your friends and network groups about how we as a community need to help our educators engage our youth!

Too many children graduate high school feeling unprepared to enter the workforce, not knowing what they enjoy or are suited for, or have no clue of what they want to go to college for.

But with a little preparation and guidance, they could learn to have a strong work ethic, possess marketable skills and experience, and ultimately be productive and passionate members of society. We want our educators to feel supported as they prepare a generation of innovative problem solvers with noble character who feel confident of where they belong in the world.